Paul Covert Continues Musical Madness

Covert to Join JMU’s School of Music


Paul Covert is excited to continue his career in music.

On Monday, November 7,  2017, Paul Covert possibly changed his life forever when he auditioned at James Madison University and was accepted into the School of Music. Covert has always had a passion for music, being the lead trombonist and Drum Major of the Trojans Marching Band. Paul has played an active role in the band community for seven years, and now he will take the next steps to further his music career by joining the James Madison University School of Music.

Covert plans to major in music and is considering careers in either conducting music or teaching others the beauty of music. With this great achievement, he feels “grateful to learn more about his dream career and excel at a new experience.”.

With such accomplishment, Covert’s friends are ecstatic for him.  Fellow musician Jake Petrillo is “proud to have such a musically inclined friend as Paul” and is “excited to see him excel in his musical career.”.