Homework Helpers Make a Difference

Midlo students make a difference in the local community.

Photo by: Ginger Pridgen
Hillary Hettinger and her Homework Helpers student show off their decorated pumpkin.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, students from Midlothian, Clover Hill, and James River High Schools travel to Bon Air Baptist Church for Homework Helpers, an organization founded by Mrs. Ginger Pridgen. Students from Bon Air Elementary School arrive at the church with smiles on their faces, ready to have some one-on-one time with their tutors.

Homework Helpers is an interactive volunteer opportunity, where students meet with underprivileged children in elementary school to help teach them life and study skills essential to becoming successful students. They meet after school and always have a memorable time working with their assigned students. The majority of students are from Midlo and volunteer their own time to be a homework helper. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences…

Why did you choose to do Homework Helpers?

“I wanted to help out the kids and have a good time.” Kathryn Phillips

“I did it to give back to my community and to help the less privileged.” Maclane Self

“I chose to participate in Homework Helpers because the kids are so cute and so fun to work with.” Julia Deaver

“I wanted to help with the kids.” Bailey Honrado

“I love working with little kids, and I started doing it with my sister, which was really fun.” Mary Hettinger


What is your favorite part about Homework Helpers?

“I think when they finish all of their work is my favorite part because it’s really rewarding, and then we can just hang out for a while.” Kathryn Phillips

“The kids are always so funny.” Maclane Self

“I love how we have the same kids throughout the whole year and really get to know them.” Julia Deaver

“I love getting to know the kids.” Bailey Honrado

“My favorite part is when they’re really excited to see us when they come off the bus.  It’s so cute.” Mary Hettinger


What is your favorite Homework Helpers memory?

“I think my favorite memory was when we all decorated pumpkins together.” -Kathryn Phillips

“When we had an Easter egg hunt with all the kids.” Maclane Self

“Last year the girl that I worked with left school early because she wasn’t feeling well but still made it to Homework Helpers, which was really awesome.” Julia Deaver

“My favorite memory was when two girls taught me their dance. It was so fun.” Bailey Honrado

“The kid that I tutor remembered my name after only the first day, which I thought was so sweet.” Mary Hettinger


How long have you been doing Homework Helpers?

“This is my first year.” Kathryn Phillips

“This is my third year.” Maclane Self

“Since my sophomore year, so three years.” -Julia Deaver

“This is my first year doing Homework Helpers.” Bailey Honrado

“I have been doing it for two years.” -Mary Hettinger