IB the New Kid

Experiencing IB Shadow Day

IB the New Kid

Many have experienced the trials and tribulations of  being ‘the new kid’. The new smells, the brightly colored backpacks, and the daunting lunchroom of new faces. With longer days and rising temperatures gracing school days that will end soon enough, it is easy to forget such a feeling; however, on Wednesday, March 23, senior Claire Bobowski, along with several other IB students from Midlothian High School, received a chance to experience that oddly fleeting feeling yet again.

Bobowski mentored two prospective IB students on Monday and Wednesday: Nour and Chou Chou, respectively. First greeting the current 8th graders in the front entrance at 8:15 AM, Midlothian IB students took their respective shadows to their varied classes, as well as to their lunch periods, where the shadows could experience a true IB atmosphere, with the discussions and classwork that come with it.

Bobowski especially enjoyed taking her shadows to her IB Spanish 5 & 6 class with Señora Jimenez. ¨Because I’m in IB Spanish 5 & 6, [my class has] all types of people and grade levels. I had to explain a lot and translate a lot [to my shadows], which was actually really fun,¨ Bobowski said. ¨Chou Chou seemed intimidated but really excited and said we spoke really well. She seemed excited to begin IB and take higher level Spanish.¨

Prospective IB students found the shadowing experience at Midlothian eye-opening.

“My favorite part was probably observing IB Psychology with Mr. Kirkbride because it was so interesting to learn about the brain and the benefits of being bilingual,” said Avnee Raje, IB newcomer. “My first impression of IB was that, gradually, everyone became so tight knit, like one big family. I really like the idea of IB because you get to watch your peers grow alongside you throughout the four years in high school.”

Because Bobowski never received the opportunity to shadow a student when she joined the IB program, she especially lauded the concept of shadow day, finding it beneficial for not only her shadow, but for herself as well. ¨You get a better experience with high schoolers because you get to see the classes and the rigor,¨ said Bobowski. ¨You forget how scary it is to begin school because, as a senior, you are ruling the school.¨

This experience also pushed Bobowski to envision her upcoming status as a freshman next year at The College of William & Mary.

¨Even though you may be the senior right now, you’re always going to come to a point of your life when you’re the ‘freshman’.” said Bobowski. “It was a really nice opportunity to remember that.”