How to Gain Inspiration

Tips for Writers


Clear all distractions.

Don’t you dare pull out that phone and check your Instagram. If you want inspiration, clear your mind. It’s amazing what ideas come to mind when you have nothing to do.

Have you ever had an idea in the shower and needed to write it down? How about when walking your dog? Those tasks leave you with a clear mind, which offers the perfect opportunity for ideas to zoom in. Although you can find ideas through YouTube or Pinterest, it only takes one click for distraction to strike. Put that phone away.

Listen to music.

Music offers a huge source of inspiration. Whether the soundtrack to your favorite movie or a popular band, music offers the best ideas. Go to a place where you feel at peace and bring paper or a notebook with you. Put in some headphones and play the songs that inspire you most, writing down any thoughts, observations, or ideas that come to mind. You may be surprised at what you discover.

Enjoy film, pictures, and books.

A  movie, such as Avatar with beautiful cinematography and a magical setting, offers immediate relaxation and inspiration. Watching a movie just seems to naturally spark the flow of thoughts. The same goes for that one special Facebook picture or a detailed scene in a story.

Use the branch method.

If you have an idea that needs to grow into something bigger, take out a blank sheet of paper. In the center, draw a circle and write your main idea in the middle of it. Draw several lines attached to that circle, drawing a circle on the end of those lines. Write your main idea in the center and fill in the off-shoot circles with whatever pops into your mind related to the center idea. If something else pops up relating to that thought, draw more circles attached to it. Circles filled with ideas should fill the page. Don’t spend too much time thinking about what to write. As soon as you write the first thought down, write non-stop, eventually filling the page. Now, you have a page filled with ideas. That’s a great start.

Write everything down.

If you wake up in the morning and remember a dream, write it down. Keep a small pad to jot down ideas as they come to you. Whether you consider it a bad thought or a good thought, write it down on paper.

Don’t give up.

If you haven’t found inspiration in months, don’t worry. It’s most important that you keep working. Whether you have ideas or not right away, you must keep your talents growing. Attempt to write or read every day, keeping the plot moving through the story. Do something that will improve your skills each day.

Set goals for yourself and don’t be afraid to push forward. Inspiration is significant, but updating your talents  is crucial.