Promposals Kick Into Gear

Junior Bobby Stout asked junior Ally Gleason to prom with a Mitt Romney poster.

Every year, students at Midlothian High School come up with some of the most creative ways to ask someone to prom. Nobody simply asks someone to go with them anymore, they come up with the most elaborate way to get their question across. Some people make huge signs that read, ¨PROM?¨ while others come up with cute and quirky slogans and questions that imply a prom date. These new and trendy ways to ask someone to prom are further known as ¨promposals¨. In this generation, promposals have become the norm, and every school year they get even more popular.

With prom right around the corner, on Saturday, April 9th, the promposals at Midlothian High School have started. Senior Grant Keller got right to it and asked junior, Kylie Riekel by decorating her car and making a big sign that said, ¨PROM?¨ and with that, the promposals had begun. Some people even asked their friends, like Daisy Bedser, who asked her best friend Rebekah Adams by serenading her with her rendition of the songs Trap Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody, with back up by show choir members.

Some students, however, decided to take the traditional route when it came to asking someone to prom. Junior Camryn Curry asked her swimming teammate from River Bend by simply saying, ¨Will you go to prom with me¨ face-to-face, and Zach Ross took a different approach when he asked Erin Geizler without a giant sign or speech. Even though some people take different routes when asking, no matter how big or small the promposals are, they are always exciting.

Senior Neha Kulkarni said, ¨I was completely taken off guard when he asked me, I knew I was going to go, and now I’m excited I get to go with a date.¨ Nikesh Kamani asked Kulkarni while they were playing tennis; he wrote out the word ¨PROM¨ in tennis balls on the fence at the tennis court. Every year, students amp up their promposal  game and come up with different ways to make the perfect promposal.