Becoming Upperclassmen

Class of 2019 Speaks Up

Photo by: Caitlin Woods
Anna Patterson, Hannah Bridges, Coleen Maloney, Morgan Sensabaugh, Jade Lamprecht take time to enjoy lunch and friend time.

As the 2017-2018 school year reaches its fourth week, members of the Class of 2019 have started adjusting to their new role as Upperclassmen. When asked a few questions about how the year is going so far, they eagerly replied.

Does it feel any different to be an upperclassmen?

“It’s more time-consuming, and I like being in the Closed Commons.” –Resshma Rajendran

“I feel like I have more responsibilities.” –Anna Patterson

“I feel more important.” –Jojo Rigler


What do you think of the Closed Commons?

“There’s more room.” –Kwama Nelson

“It’s quieter.” –John Kessler

“It’s different, but in a fun way!” –Max Etka


Is there a heavier workload?

“Yes! Math and Dual Enrollment” –Elizabeth Six

“Yes, definitely pre-calc.” –Abigail Healy

“It’s more time consuming this year.” –Taylor Shell


Where are you thinking about applying to college?

“VCU” –Kwama Nelson and Ryan Maher

“JMU” –Evan Heine

“Liberty University” –Hannah McCracken

“Virginia Tech” –Zach Greer and Ethan Bond


Have you thought about life after high school?

“I want to join the Coast Guard for 4 years and then attend college.” –Caleb Giambanco

“I’ve thought about college, but I don’t know where yet.” –Sydney Clevinger

“EMS” –Camden Blom

“I want to be either a teacher or a counseler.” –Grace Wells

“I want to be a veterinarian.” –Rachel Edwards