Inductees de bienvenida

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Dominique Spencer, Page Editor

 On Thursday, March 17th, at 2:00 pm, La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica welcomed inductees. Those who had taken Spanish for four plus year with a B+ average, who actively spread Spanish cultural awareness met the requirement to join the society. Sra. Travis Jimenez, who teaches IB Spanish 5 and 6 and Spanish 2, developed this year’s ceremony, while Spanish Club Officers, Jeffrey Rubinos, Alex Balbontin, and Elizabeth Perkins, officiated the program.

 Officers offered introductions and read an original poem, My Flame by Eugenia Muñoz,  selected especially for the Spanish Honor Society induction. Afterwards, new members lit candles, officially inducting them into the society, and read their oaths, thereby pledging to follow all rules and requirements of the society. At the same time, Spanish professors, Sra. Teresa Dombreski, Sra. Travis Jimenez, Sra. Yves Denton, and Sra. Virginia Flores, along with parents and socios, or current members,  observed this special moment.

Spanish Honor Society Inductees:
Taylor Bagwell
Genevieve Benzinger
Katelyn Daniluk
Victoria Dunn
Lauren Elmore
Abigail Fischer
Deirdre Flood
Kathryn Gatuslao
Yuijao Gu
Olivia Harriman
Chase Herbert
Dilpreet Jaswal
Cameron Kelly
Sophia Kopidis
Jason Li
Ashley Martin
Jasmine Nivar
Nupur Pandya
 Kimberly Russell
Regan Sabine
Sydney VanNostrand