New Electronic Parent/Teacher Conferences

New Conference Format


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Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Midlo has gone electronic this year to schedule our parent/teacher conferences on  November 6th.  The hours for our official parent/teacher conference day are 8:00 am – 4:00 pm with some blocked off times for breaks and lunch.

Parents can visit (also located on our school website) to schedule conferences for your students.

Parents will click on the general link to create an account.  PTCFast will email parents a specific link, which they can then follow to create their own conferences.  Parents will see a list of all of our teachers when they access the scheduling site.  Click on the name of the teachers with whom you would like to schedule a conference and select the times.  If a time slot has already been taken by another parent, the schedule will say “unavailable”.  No personal information will be able to be seen by another parent.  Parents will receive a confirmation email, along with reminder emails one week prior to conferences and the day before conferences.