Everything About Ms. Ehlen

Ms. Sarah Ehlen Joins Midlo’s Math Department


Photo by: Emily Gundel

Ms. Sarah Ehlen makes a significant contribution to Midlo.

Ms. Sarah Ehlen joins Midlo’s Math Department this year. Welcome, Ms. Ehlen!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out with my one-year old daughter, Sophia. I have watched Moana more times than I can count. I love to read, cook, and play video games. I am currently playing Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and I am super excited for Kingdom Hearts 3.

What other schools have you taught at?

I taught at Falling Creek Middle School for five years, and some schools in Ohio.

Have you taught any other subjects?

I taught seventh grade and eighth grade math at FCMS. I also taught Algebra 1 there.

Do you have any people who inspire you?

I have had some and have worked with some amazing teachers in the past. I try to learn something from every teacher I have met. Also, I have a family friend who completed a full Ironman race at the age of 45. This helped kickstart me back into running.

What made you want to become a math teacher?

When I was very young (elementary school age), I moved around a lot. I was in a different school every year, which put me very behind math-wise. I had to go to pull out classes to help with my math skills. I ended up working so hard I was placed in the advanced classes in middle school. I figured if I could be successful, then I could show other students how to be successful too.

Have you had any jobs before teaching?

Right out of college, I was a barista at Starbucks. I ended up buying a personal espresso machine now that I know all their secrets. I just buy the syrups and beans from the store.