Super Seniors 2017

Class of 2017 Senior Superlatives

Gabe Lumpkin and Eddie Thomas excited to receive their toy cell phones to connect for their bond with “Attached at the Hip”.

On Thursday, June 1, 2017, during the Senior Class Day Assembly, the senior class officers delivered the Class History, Senior Superlatives, and the Senior Video to an excited audience. Here are highlights:

Class of 2017 Senior Superlatives

Next Picasso: Kael Rison and Mukti Patel

Attached At the Hip: Eddie Thomas and Gabe Lumpkin

Attached At the Hip: Girl’s Edition: Katie Oakey  and Caroline Wilkes

Worst Case of Senioritis: Aubrey Thomas and Jake Dorsey

Best Midlo Hooligan: Andrew Stanfield and Apryl Bradt

Class Clown: Bobby Stout and Lilly Cox

Most Likely to Drop Your Chromebook: Elizabeth Vincent and Tanner Mangano

Most Sarcastic: Brayden Gordy and Sarah Wall

Most Motherly and Fatherly: Alexa Battle and Thomas Jackson

Best Laugh: Danny McLaughlin and Mallory Turner

Most Likely to be Late to School With Chick-fil-A: James Fuller and Lara Ann Douglas

Forever a Kid at Heart: Jason Goodwin and Alexis Ruse

Best Smile: Bella Urcia and Eric Overby

Best Guy and Girl to Bring Home to Mom and Dad: Phoebe Jackson and Christopher Yang

Best Dressed: Ivan Jackson and Blair Darrah

Best Overall: Sam Maguire and Mackenzie Fuller

Most Athletic: Tina Lindenfeld and Jermani Brown

Teacher’s Pet: Molly Fletcher and Dillon Powell 

Glued to Their Phones: Colin Lutterloah and Kylie Riekel

Worst Driver: Dean Alshami and Regan Sabine