Boys Lacrosse attempts to remain undefeated against Cosby

Varsity Boys Lacrosse Preview


Photo by: Lauren Cassano

Trojan player focuses on positioning in the middle of the field.

Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse is searching for their fifth win of the season against the Cosby Titans on April 12. In their last game, Midlothian was able to handle the Clover Hill Cavaliers; winning by a score of 22-4 and keeping their undefeated season alive. However, Cosby looks to improve to an overall record of 3-2 after beating the Manchester Lancers by a score of 12-5 on March 29.

Throughout their undefeated stretch, Midlothian has played better than any other team in their region offensively due to their attackers on the outside. Because of this, it has put less pressure on their defense to apply so much energy to defend their opponents from scoring. Coach Greg Powell is optimistic that his offensive philosophy of attacking outside parts of the field will be a huge factor in them winning late in the season.

“In our last game against Clover Hill, we did a great job of limiting opportunities defensively in the middle of the field,” Coach Powell said. “During the season, this has allowed us to start offense with our midfielders while eventually giving us quality chances on the outside.”

A Midlothian win would give them an improved record of 5-0 in the early stages of this season. This will be the final game at home for the Trojans until May 3rd due to having a four game road trip in the middle of April. In spite of that, Trojan players and coaches feel as if they have grown maximum chemistry to the point where they can play excellent during any time in the season.

“Because we have a connection outside of Lacrosse over the past two years, we are built to win anywhere,” Senior Keegan Andre said. “After our game against Cosby, we are still going to play with extra tenacity due to the competition getting harder towards the end of the season.”

This is the first meeting of two that the pair of teams will have during the regular season. Midlothian lost their only game against the Titans last year due to a game sealing goal at the end of the match; losing 10-8 during their 10-6 campaign. However, with Midlothian gaining more depth on their roster from this year in contrast to last spring season, many Trojans players feel as if they have the physical advantage over most teams in their region.

“We have proven over the course of this season that we have greatly improved as a team collectively,” Senior Wesley Hazzard said. “Us playing against the Titans will give us the chance to showcase while we will continue to be the face of Virginia heading into the playoffs at the end of May.”