20 questions for 2020 with Senior Class President Blake Longest

20 Questions for 2020


Photo by: Bridget Tracy

Get to know Eliza Adamik as she answers 20 questions for 2020.

Class of 2021 President, Blake Longest, answers 20 questions for 2020. Longest has participated in Midlo’s student council for three years, while remaining active in DECA, FBLA, Homework Helpers, and the Midlo Varsity Lacrosse team.  This week, Blake Longest answers The Scoop’s 20 questions.

1. What type of food best represents you?


2. What is your most useless talent?


3, What is a weird food combination that you love?

Pineapples on pizza

4. What is your spirit animal? 

A blobfish or a anteater

5. What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?

Coronavirus isn’t real.

6. If you were given a million dollars to open a new type of museum, what would it contain?


7. What animal would be the most terrifying if it could speak?

Birds, because birds see everything 

8. If you built a themed hotel, what would the theme be? 

Tiny tower-themed

9. What was your first job?

Sailing instructor 

10. What near future predictions do you have?

I predict that many of my peers will have difficulty succeeding in their first year of college. I believe this will be due to their inability to adapt to an online learning environment during COVID-19.

11. If you had to hide a giraffe, where would you hide it?

In my closet with the elephant I am hiding

12. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

No, it’s a hot dog

13. If you could travel to one place right now, where would it be?


14. Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button on your life?

Neither. If I had a rewind button, memories would hold no significance, and I don’t want a pause button because there would be no reason to look forward to the future if I could be happy forever. 

15. Name an imaginary class you wish Midlo offered. 

A class dealing with how to invest and manage your money

16. If you were a refrigerator, what item would you hate holding?


17. If you could create your own TV show, what would it be like?

It would be a news station that is detached from political influence and not incentivized by money.

18. If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Never let anyone make a decision for you, simply entertain their input.

19. Would you rather be a tiger or a hummingbird?


20. There are now 25 hours in a day! How do you spend the extra hour?

I would spend my extra hour stepping away from social media and detaching myself from the thoughts of others in order to formulate my own opinion on current events.