Böer Brings Coding Into the Language Classroom

Hour of Code in Frau Böer's Honors German III Class

Photo by: Erin Junkmann
Frau Boer instructs her students on their animation Hour of Code task.

Throughout the week of December 3 from December 7, 2018, students at Midlothian High School participated in an Hour of Code in order to introduce kids to the world of coding. On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, the students in Frau Böer’s Honors German III class combined what they have been learning in class with the initiative.

Boer tasked her students with creating an animation and a scene through code with knowledge gained from past units. “Some past units have been learning body parts, sickness, advice, and the future tense, so to mix it in with the hour of code was a cool idea,” stated Amelia Giecek. For the animation project, Frau instructed the German students to include one person receiving advice from either a doctor or a friend. “My scene was a sick patient receiving help from their doctor,” chimed Gigi Valerio.

Throughout the hour, the students in Frau Böer’s German class learned the value of coding and were able to successfully integrate their current class material to create an impressive final product. “I really enjoyed this project because it helped me create a scene where I could understand how advice is given in Germany,” says Ava Wladar. “I wanted to find out more about Hour of Code, and I thought it would be fun for the class, ” exclaims German teacher Frau Böer. The week of Hour of Code proved successful throughout Midlothian with many teachers implementing this hour into their daily schedule as a way to encourage kids to consider a career in Computer Science.