Midlothian Champions Together Team Earns Gold

Track Meet Results


Photo by: Mrs. Marie Randrianasolo

Midlothian Champions Together team earned multiple medals in 2019.

Congratulations to the following members of the Champions Together Unified Track team. This team consists of Special Ed and General Ed to help the students work together as one. This is their first year participating in this event, and they placed 3rd place and received gold ribbons, beating Monacan and Manchester High School. Cosby placed 2nd,and Clover Hill placed 1st. Mrs. Marie Randrianasolo stated, “We have a lot of team building exercises during Midlo Mornings 1 and zero. There will be a bocce ball tournament in the fall,  and [we will] have another unified track in the spring.” Thank you to all the participants! Mrs. Carrico and Mrs. Solo are so proud!”

Champions Together Team Results

Ryan Monahan- 100 meter run-4th place/shot put, 1st place

Kaylee Rodriguez- 100 meter run-2nd place/softball throw, 1st place

Conner Schoenfelder- 100 meter run-8th place/shot put, 1st place

Abby Fox- 100 meter run-8th place/softball throw, 3rd place

Camden Russell- 100 meter run- 2nd place/softball throw, 1st place

Nicole Green- 100 meter run -1st place/softball throw, 2nd place

Alexis Labott- 100 meter run- 2nd place/softball throw, 2nd place

Myles Howard- 100 meter run-4th place/softball throw, 2nd place

Liam Altizer- 100 meter run-7th place/shot put, 3rd place

Sarah Arthur- 100 meter run-2nd place/softball throw, 1st place

Stephanie Kuylk- 100 meter run 2nd place/running long jump, 4th place

Lynsie Dinsmore- softball throw 5th place/100 meter, 5th place

Stephen Patton- 100 meter 6th place /running long jump, 2nd place

David Heinen- softball throw-6th place/running long jump, 5th place

Will Perkins- softball throw, 2nd place

Sarah Nugent- 200 meter run- 5th place/softball throw, 5th place

Danny Huang- 200 meter run- 2nd place/shot put, 2nd place

Jedidiah Workman- 200 meter run-2nd place/running long jump, 3rd place

Katlyn Mitchell- 200 meter run- 5th place/softball throw, 6th place