Midlo Rocks Virginia DECA Day

Virginia DECA Day

Photo by: Mrs. Carolyn Manheim
VA DECA Day 2018

In honor of Virginia DECA Day, members of Midlothian High School’s DECA branch gathered in their sponsor Mrs. Carolyn Manheim‘s room to celebrate with a plethora of yummy treats and drinks on Friday, November 9, 2018. Midlo’s DECA officers, Elyas Aldughaish, Lauren Hensley, Will Morris, and Ryan Monahan, provided an amazing time for all of the attendees by helping to serve drinks, collect tickets, and converse with the members. During Midlo Morning, the students listened to music and enjoyed a giant cake that read “Happy Virginia DECA Day!” along with a variety of different cookies, candy, and drinks.

DECA focuses on the subject area of business and marketing. In order to participate as an active member, students must enroll in a marketing/business class, such as: Principles of Business and Marketing, Sports Marketing, Global Trade, or IB Business Management. The club provides an opportunity for students to experience life as an entrepreneur, inventor, or marketing planner. At DECA competitions, the students face difficult tasks involving a business or marketing problem, and they create plans that could solve the problem. From how to bring in more customers to a store on a day that lacks its usual congestion to how to compete with a similar store in the same shopping center, the issue can be a range of things. Throughout the year, Mrs. Manheim hosts different catered social events for club members, such as Virginia DECA Day. Sign-ups for DECA do not begin again until next school year, but as scheduling time approaches, anyone interested in DECA should sign up for a marketing class in order to be eligible.

Midlo’s 2018 Virginia DECA Day celebration proved a successful, fun time for all DECA members. The club looks forward to multiple  projects they plan to complete throughout the year, such as the holiday social on December 14th.